Miles Ahead of the Competition

One of the many things that sets I65 apart from other transportation companies in the nation is our flexibility and wide range of services that we provide to our customers. Our services are custom fit to our client's needs, budget, timeframe, and exact specifications, with no fillers, hidden fees, or anything else that's going to get in your business' roadway to success.

Such flexibility and adaptability to our client's needs has provided us with a wide network of regular customers and contacts who know they can trust I65 to handle any and all of their transport and logistics needs. As a mid-sized company, we are faster, more efficient, and lower cost than the large trans-national freight carriers, while providing as high of quality of services, if not better, than the over-sized (and often not American owned) transport companies.

Simply put, I65 is your solution for everything that ships, no matter the time, place, or size! See below to learn more about our wide range of carrier services and how we can help your business run smoother, no matter the specifications of your load.


Flatbed Truck Load