Flatbed Truck Load

I65 offers a range of solutions for the contiguous 48 states utilizing our quality equipment and expert drivers. Our highly-trained drivers, top of the line equipment and unwavering commitment to safety are the best in the business.

Flatbed Truckload Services

No matters the specs of your freight we can help your business deliver on time, on budget, with a friendly smile on our face and a sincere willingness to help our customers any way we can. Our businesses believes that when our customers win, it's a win-win for both of us, and this success is what drives our business today.

flatbed trucking company

Some of our Flatbed trucking services include

48' and 53' flatbed
Expandable Flatbed to 90'
and More!

Contact our team today about your flatbed shipping needs. We'll be glad to show you how we can increase your RoI and turn-around times on shipments, and why we are often rated the best choice in commercial freight and logistics.