Over Dimensional


Let I65 handle your largest loads. No matter the size, we have you covered.

What is Over Dimensional Freight?

Over dimensional freight is any item that exceeds one or more of the standard legal size criteria for each state.

While this can vary depending on the jurisdiction, a general guideline for legal parameters is a load measuring: 53’ long, 8’ 6” wide and 13’ 6” tall (including trailer height).

Your Over-Dimensional Transport Experts

We understand that sometimes the dimensions of your shipment can bring with it much worry and concern. Concerns about whether you will pass regulations, how much it will cost to ship, and many others. At I65 we've had a lot of experience transporting over-dimensional loads and we've learned the ins and outs, do's and dont's, and everything else a transportation company should be aware of when shipping large sized freight within the U.S.

Utilizing the latest trucks and equipment specifically designed to handle over-sized, over-dimensional freight, we are confident that we can handle any and all of your shipping needs, no matter your location or the size of freight. Give our team a call today about your over-dimensional shipment and see the many ways we can help.